Four Men at War

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FDR, Admiral Ernest King, Secretary of War Henry Stimson, and General George Marshall: fighting enemies, allies, and each other in the race to save the world from a terrible fate….

Henry Stimson, an old-money Republican from Long Island, rallied to FDR’s banner to lead the Army as Secretary of War, and championed innovative weapons that shape our world today. General George C. Marshall argued with Roosevelt over grand strategy, but he built the world’s greatest war machine and willingly sacrificed his dream of leading the invasion of Europe that made his protégé, Dwight Eisenhower, a legend. Admiral Ernest J. King, a hard-drinking, irascible fighter who “destroyed” Pearl Harbor in a prewar naval exercise, understood how to fight Japan, but he also battled the Army, the Air Force, Douglas MacArthur, and his British allies as they moved armies and fleets across the globe.

These commanders threw off sparks whenever they clashed: Generals against politicians, Army versus Navy. But those sparks lit the fire of victory. During four years of bitter warfare, FDR’s lieutenants learned to set aside deep personal, political, and professional differences and pull a nation through the twentieth century’s darkest days.

Encircling Roosevelt’s warlords—and sometimes bitterly at odds with them—was a colorful cast of the Second World War’s giants: Winston Churchill, MacArthur, Josef Stalin, Eisenhower, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Charles de Gaulle. These and other larger-than-life figures enrich a sweeping story of an era brimming with steel, fire, and blood.

Drawing upon a wealth of primary sources, American Warlords goes behind closed doors to give readers an intimate, often surprising view of titans who led America from isolation to the summit of global power. Written in a robust, engaging style, author Jonathan W. Jordan offers a vivid portrait of four extraordinary Americans in the eye of war’s hurricane.

FDR Looking at Globe FDRL    JCS in Normandy GCML   Truman and Stimson  FDR and WSC at Yalta HSTL 2003-36FDR WSC Malta Sarah and AnnaParks Patton McCloy H Bundy and StimsonJoint Chiefs Lunch Color Krueger MacArthur Marshall late 1943 SC 183951 Patton McCloy Stimson saluting NARA  Joint Chiefs Argentia GCML IMG_2549  Ernest King and George Marshall Arriving for Meeting

Stimson and Marshall GCML IMG_2559 King Spruance Nimitz  GCM 1941 Louisiana NARA IMG_6264 FDR MacArthur and Nimitz

One thought on “Four Men at War

  1. Just finished the book and I was enthralled. It’s difficult to imagine at one time secrets could actually be kept. I found your book thought provoking,informative and enriching. I like how you wove the lives of these men into one Historical Narrative. Keep up the good work!!!!!.

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